About Leaders without Borders


Leaders without Borders, is a non for profit organization, with the aim of fostering and encouraging the creation of young leaders.

Built and empowered with thousands of recognized young entrepreneurs from around the world, from social to business leaders, Leaders without Border’s™ represent the best practices and examples of people that are today bringing positive chance in their own communities.

Leaders without Borders is a platform for bringing the brightest minds into one place, for sharing, exposing and analyzing how nations encourage and promote the development of young leaders and entrepreneurs.

We are a community of independent young leaders scattered all around the world with the objective of sharing ideas and solutions to some of the challenges we are facing.

Leaders without Borders come from a wide range of backgrounds but they are united by a desire to build a better society and make a difference in the world. If you are inspired by ideas and have a commitment to social progress we have a place for you.

Leaders without Borders goes beyond theories to provide a solid foundation of practical and detailed guidelines from leaders who are already at the cutting edge in today’s borderless social, political and business environment. By taking a hands-on approach, Leaders without Borders will help in submitting strategic papers, presentations, workshops, and seminars for sharing ideas on how nations are building the leaders of the future.

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Who are our Leaders without Borders?


Recognized Young global Leaders from around the world, that commit their time to presenting (in various formats), their solutions, ideas and best practices on subjects related to Leadership development, Education, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.